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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1859"

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C()trtD-/0tirtj) lUnnol Session 





October 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, 1859. 

W. B. WELLONS, General Agent. 



C()irti)-/aartlj JUnwal Session 





October 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th, 1859. 

W. B, WELLONS, General Agent. 







Wake Chapel, 


Mt. Bethel, 

Mt. Auburn, 

Pleas' t Hill, Chatham, 

Christian Chapel, 



Shallow Well, 
Oak Level, 
Christian Union, 
Pope's Chapel, 

Pl't Grove, Randolph, 

Park's fxj Roads, 
Reece's Chapel, 
Pleasant Grove, Va. 
Hank's Chapel, 

Good Hope, 
Shady Grove, 
Brown's Chapel, 
Acorn Ridge,' 
Shallow Ford, 
Pleasant Grove, N. C. 
Union, Va. 
Pleasant Ridge, 
Pleasant Spring, 

Pleas'tHill, Johnston, 
Moore Union, 
Utley's School House, 
New Providence, 

Union, N. C. 

Zion Hill, 
Liberty Hill, 
Hines' Chapel, 
Union Stand, 
Salem Chapel, 
Shiloh, Va. • 
Apple's Chapel, 
Mt. Zion, 
Liberty Grove, 


G. G. Walker, 

A. Apple, 

J. W. Wellons, 
J. W. Wellons, 
Jno. N. Ferrell, 

B. N. Hopkins, 
A. Apple, 

A. Iseley, 

J. W. Wellons, 
W. N. Bragg, 
Wm. Rollins, 
Wm. Rollins, 
W. N. Bragg, 
A. G. Anderson, 
A. Iseley, 
A. S. Nelson, 
W. N. Bragg. 

A. S. Nelson, 

A. Craven, 
A. Apple, 
S. Apple, 
T. J. Fowler, 

D. T. Deanes, 
W. N. Bragg, 
T. G. Craven, 
Wm. S. Jordan, 
A. S. Nelson, 
T. J. Fowler, 
J. W. Wellons, 

J. N. Manning, 
D. T. Deanes, 
J. W. Wellons, 
T. J. Fowler, 
J. I. Hobby, 
Wm. Rollins, 

H. B. Hayes, 
T. J. Fowler, 

A. Iseley, 

A. G. Anderson, 
G. G. Walker, 
L. C. Madison, 

B. N. Hopkins, 
W. N. Bragg, 
B. N. Hopkins, 
B. N. Hopkins, 
B. N. Hopkins, 
R. G. Tinnin, 

A. Iseley, 
G. G. Walker, 


M. McCauley, C. McCollum, 
R. M. Ellis, R. Burroughs, 
Nasa Boon, C. A. Boon, 
B. Gardner, A. B. Jones, 
W. H. Guthrie, 
B. Troxler, C. Boon. 
Wm. H. Read, J. H. Fleming, 
Ira Henshaw, A. Way, G. W. Mur- 

W. Boyd, P. Jones, W. H. Johnson, 
M. Williams, J. 0. Mullens, 
J. Gunter, J. R. Gunter, 
W. T. Sloan, J. S. Maynard, 
B. J. Blackley, B. Pearce, 
James M. Smith, W. T. Brandon, 
Jacob Morton, P. Waynock, 
J. W. Richai'dson, J. S. Lawrence, 
W. Pierce, M. C. Winston, T. A. 

L. C. Moffitt, A. D. Leonard, L. 

G. W. Parks, 0. Vestal, 

B. G. Dickerson, Jr. 

A. A. Farmer, 

J. W. Hatch, G. Knight, W. S. 


H. T. Mofflt, H. A. Albright, 
J. Pierce, H. Haswell, 

E. C. Martin, D. K. McLeod, 
Wm. Nail, 

C. Williams. 

Lewis Iseley, J. Cummings, 

B. B. Freeman, Jesse Horton, 
J. 0. Cogwell, C. Ayscu, 

R. D. Jones, R. T. Wilkins, R. Tuck. 
By Letter, 

A. Moring, A. M. Carlton, J. B. Cole. 

Henry Utley, 
Wm. C. Tarpley, E. R. Dixon, G. 

T. Graham, Henry Maynard, J. 

Dickey, Wm. Walker, C 

Garrison, B. Hazel, 
J. Garrison, 
Not represented, 
L. Lambeth, 
Not represented, 
By Letter, 

R. Maynard, T. Waynock, 
R. Parish, S. S. Clements, 
T. J. Smith, W. H. Haizlip, 
Not represented, 
James Armstrong, 
A. Chadwick, 
L. J. Apple, H. Apple, 
T. Lynch, 
Not represented, 


1 No. 




3 a 



H r^i 































































































































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Union Chapel, N. C, Oct. 5th, 1859. 

The " North Carolina and Virginia Christian Con- 
ference" met, pursuant to adjournment last jear, with the 
church at Union Chapel, Alamance county, N. C, in its 
thirty fourth annual session. 

Conference was called to order by Elder B.N. Hopkins, 
President of the last session. 

On motion, T. J. Fowler, William N. Bragg, H. B. 
Hayes, R. D. Jones, and William H. Read, were appointed 
a committee to report officers for the present session of Con- 

The committee reported as follows : — For President, Dr. 
E. F. Watson; Vice-President, John N. Manning; Secre- 
tary, P. W. Allen; Assistant Secretary, R. D. Jones. 

The above named brethren were unanimously elected to 
their respective offices. 

After which Conference was opened with singing and 
prayer by Elder Josiah McCulloch. 

On motion of Elder S. Apple, the names of Elders and 
Licentiates were called, and the following Elders and Licen- 
tiates appeared and took their seats in Conference. 

Elders — B. N. Hopkins, G. G. Walker, W. N. Bragg, 
Alfred Iseley, Solomon Apple, Josiah McCulloch, Thomas 
J. Fowler, A. G-. Anderson, D. T. Deanes, Thomas Gr. 
Craven, H. B. Hayes, A. S. Nelson, William M. Craven, 
Thomas Truitt, R."G. Tinnin, John R. Holt, James W. 
Wellons, Prof. W. H. Doherty, and Lovick Lambeth. 

Elders absent — Joseph Albright, Alfred Apple, A. 
Franks, W. S. Jordan, William Rollins, Anderson Craven, 
J. S. Swift, Thomas E. Jeter, Chastien Allen, James M. 
Minnis, and Joseph B. Hinton. 


Licentiates present — L. C. Madison, J. N. Manning, P. 
W. Allen, J. N. Ferrell, Henry Grant, and L. C. Ragland. 

Licentiates absent — Abner Apple, Anthony J. Rich, and 
Joseph Trollinger. 

Delegates — Henry Apple, Lewis I. Apple, Peter Clapp, 
Cornelius Williamson, C. C. Williamson, Phillip Waynock, 
Jacob Morton, William Nail, B. D. Freeman, Jesse Horton, 
Nasa Boon, C. A. Boon, Ruffin Jones, William Johnson, 
Murphy Boyd, John Garrison, W. W. Lawrence, J. W. 
Richardson, Charles McCullum, Matthew McCauley, James 
0. Cogwell, C. E. Ayscu, Henry Haswell, John Pierce, 
George Knight, W. S. Petty, J. W. Hatch, James M. 
Smith, William T. Brandon, Ira Henshaw, Alexander 
Way, Wm. Murchison, A. A. Farmer, W. B Farmer, 
Lewis Brady, A. D. Leonard, David W. Baldwin, Har- 
mon Cox, G. W. Parks, 0. Vestal, Wm. H. Read, S. H. 
Turner, J. H. Fleming, R. M. Ellis, R. Burroughs, Bar- 
nett Troxler, Calvin Boon, T. J. Lynch, James McCadams, 
George Lowman, Edwin R.. Dixon, Wm. C. Tarpley, J. B. 
Cole, A. Moring, A. M. Carlton, B. J. Blackley, Benja- 
min Pierce, W. Pierce, Thomas A. Martin, M. C. Winston, 
J. 0. Mullins, Cornelius Jordan, Mark Williams, B. G. 
Dickerson, Lewis Iseley, John Cummings, E. C. Martin, D. 
K. McLeod, H. T. Moffitt, H. A. Albright, Henry Utley, 
R. D. Jones, R. T. Wilkins, Richard Tuck, Benjamin 
Gardner, A. B. Jones, F. J. Smith, William H. Haizlip, 
Robert Maynard, Tobias Waynock, R. Parish, Jas. Arm- 
strong, Wm. H. Guthrie, Wm. T. Sloan, J. R. Gunter, 
John Gunter, Alexander Chad wick, Harrison White, John 
Moore, T. Graham, H. Maynard, J. G. Dickey, William 
Walker, J. Garison, B. Hazel. 

Fdloiuing Churches represented — Apple's Chapel, Beth- 
lehem, Brown's Chapel, Bell's, Bethel, Christian Chapel, 
Concord, Christian Union, Damascus, Fuller's, Good Hope, 
Hank's Chapel, Lebanon, Pleasant Hill, Chatham co., N. 
C, Pleasant Grove, Halifax co., Va., Pleasant Grove. 
Randolph co., N. C, Pleasant Ridge, Park's Cross Roads, 
Mt. Auburn, Midway, Mount Bethel, Mount Zion, New 

Providence, O'Kelley's Chapel, Oak Level, Pope's Chapel, 
Raleigh, Reece's Chapel, Shallow Ford, Shady G-rove, 
Shiloh, Randolph co , N. C , Union, Alamance co., N. C, 
Union, Halifax, Wake Chapel, Salem Chapel, Union Stand, 
Hines' Chapel, Antioch, Zion Hill, Zion, and Salem. 

Churches not represented — Acorn Ridge, Holt's Factory, 
Liberty, Liberty Grove, Pleasant Hill, Johnston, Pleasant 
Spring, Moore Union, Mt. Carmel, Shallow Well, Shiloh, 
Halifax co., Va., Sharon, Vest's, Wilmington, and Liberty 

Elder McCulloch moved to dispense with reading of the 
Minutes of last Conference, and it was carried. 

Elder B. N. Hopkins moved that the usual committees 
be appointed. 

A petition from Salem Chapel, Forsythe co., N. C, was 
presented by Elder B. N. Hopkins, to connect herself with 
this Conference. 

It was moved by R. D. Jones that the church be re- 
ceived, which was unanimously carried. Petition from 
Hines' Chapel, by Elder B. N. Hopkins, praying to be re- 
ceived into this Conference, which also was unanimously 
received. Petition from Liberty Hill, Franklin co., N. C, 
by W. N. Bragg, praying to be received into this Confer- 
ence, which was unanimously received. Petition from 
Newbern Church, N. C, praying to be connected with this 
Conference, which was received and referred to the follow- 
ing committee, viz : W. N. Bragg, B. N. Hopkins, and H. 
B Hayes. 

On motion of S. Apple, Conference adjourned until 9 
o'clock to-morrow morning. Prayer by Elder S. Apple. 

Thursday Morning, October 6th. 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment. Singing and 
prayer by Elder A. Gr. Anderson. After which the rolls 
were called. Proceedings of last meeting read and approved. 


The Chair announced the following committees, viz : 

1. On Ordination— Elders W. H. Doherty, B. N. Hop- 
kins, T. J. Fowler, S. Apple, H. B. Hayes, and A. Gr. 


2. On character and standing of the Ministers — R. Tuck, 
J. H. Fleming, and A. A. Farmer. 

3. On Itinerancy — Alfred Moring, Robt. Maynard, Wm. 
Tarpley, Robert M. Ellis, and Wm. Haizlip. 

4. On Temperance — J. McGulloch, A. Moring, and Ira 

5. On Education— Prof. Wm. H. Doherty, W. H. Read, 
and Wm. N. Br;igg. 

6. On Sabbath Schools— J '. W. Hatch, D. T. Deanes, 
and R. T. Wilkins. 

7. On Unfinished Business — A. Iseley, J. 0. Mullens, 
and R. Burroughs. 

Resolution offered by Elder Alfred Iseley — 

Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to re- 
port all items of interest contained in letters, petitions, &c, 
addressed to this Conference. Which was carried. 

Petition from Union Stand, by Elder Hopkins, praying 
to be united with this Conference, which was granted. 

The committee appointed on the petition from Newbern 
Church, reported as follows : 


We, the committee to whom was referred the case in relation to the 
petition of the church in Newbern, to become a member of this Con- 
ference, beg leave to report, that we have learned that the church 
aforesaid has formerly unanimously withdrawn from the Eastern 
Virginia Conference, by and with the consent of said Conference ; 
we therefore recommend that the said petition be entertained, and the 
church be received into this Conference as a member thereof. 

Respectfully submitted. 

B. N. Hopkins, 
W. N. Bragg, 
H. B. Hayes. 


R. D. Jones moved that the report be adopted and the 
church received into this Conference. Said motion, after 
some debate, was laid on the table until 10 o'clock to- 
morrow morning. 

On motion of Elder A. Gr. Anderson, Dr. L. C. Ragland 
was admitted to a seat in this body. 

The following resolution was presented by Elder J. Mc- 

Resolved, That the next annual session of the North 
Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference be held with 
the church at Pleasant Hill, Chatham co., N. C, com- 
mencing on Wednesday before the second Sabbath in Octo- 
ber, 1860, which was adopted. 

The Chair appointed the following Committees, viz : 

8. Committee on Church Letters — Elders A. Isely, H. B. 
Hayes, and Josiah McCulloch. 

9. On Periodicals — Solomon Apple, L. C. Madison, and 
H. B. Hayes. 

10. On Finance — A. Moring, R. Tuck, and A. A. Far- 

11. On Memoirs — Elders S. Apple. J. McCulloch, and 
Gk G. Walker. 

12. On Home Missions — John R. Holt, J. McCulloch, 
H. B. Hayes, W. N. Bragg, and B. N. Hopkins. 

13. Committee to examine Licentiate Candidates — Elders 
S. Apple, T. J. Fowler, and W. N. Bragg. 

14. On Religious Exercises — A. Iseley, R. Gr. Tinnin, 
and J. G. Dickey. 

On motion of Elder Iseley, Bro. John N. Manning 
was appointed to deliver the next annual address to Confer- 
ence at its next 'annual session. 

On motion of A. Gr. Anderson, Elder A. Iseley was ap- 
pointed alternate. 

On motion of Elder Anderson, letter and certificate from 
Miami Christian Conference, recommending Elder Win. H. 
Dcherty to this Conference, bringing certificate of his mem- 


bership as an ordained minister of high standing, which 
was read and received, and said certificate ordered to be 
recorded with the Minutes of Conference. 

State of Ohio, Cincinnati, Sept. 29, 1859. 
I do hereby certify, that Prof. W. H. Doherty was received into 
full membership as an ordained minister of the Gospel, by the Miami 
Christian Conference, at its annual meeting in 1853, on letters of dis- 
missal and recommendation from the New York Central Christian 
Conference. That he was President of said Miami Conference in 1858, 
at the time of his removal to North Carolina, and that in the same 
year he received public thanks, by vote of said body, for his eminent 
services as President of the Missionary Board. 

Signed, L. D. Robinson, 

Clerk of Miami C. Conference. 

On motion of Elder Iseley, a committee of three elders 
was appointed to examine all candidates wishing to join 
Conference as licentiates, which was unanimously adopted. 

On motion of Elder McCulloch, Bro. Sheck, a Lutheran 
minister, was invited to take a seat amongst us, which was 
accepted by Bro. Sheck, after returning thanks to Con- 

On motion, a letter from Sister Evans, widow of Elder S. 
G-. Evans, was read, contents noticed and complied with. 

Also, a letter from Elder M. B. Barrett was read, and on 
motion was referred to the Committee on Home Missions. 

On motion of Elder J. McCulloch, Conference adjourned 
until candle-light this evening. 

Night Session. 

Conference met, agreeable to adjournment. Rolls called. 

Elder W. B. Wellons, messenger from Eastern Virginia 
Conference, appeared and took a seat in Conference. 

On motion of Elder Bragg Alexander Chadwick, from 
Wilmington Church, was received as a delegate from said 
church. Also, an invitation to Bro. H. Grant, from Ten- 
nessee, to a seat in Conference. 


On motion, Elder John Walker, from Missouri Confer- 
ence, was invited to a seat in this body. 

Elder S. Apple, chairman of the Conference Committee, 
begs leave to make the following 


To the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference : 

The undersigned, having been appointed Conference Committee for 
the past year, beg leave to report — 

That since the last session of our Conference two cases have come 
up for action before us. The first was a charge of falsehood against 
Elder Wm. N. Bragg, by Solomon Fuller, licentiate. The second 
were sundry charges by the churches of Good Hope and Pope's 
Chapel, against Solomon Fuller, licentiate. 

The committee, having the first named case properly presented to 
us, and believing that the cause of religion was suffering in conse- 
quence thereof, ordered the parties to meet us at Franklinton on the 
23d of February last, where, at the above time and place, the parties 
met before the committee. The accusing party was requested to bring 
forward the testimony by which he expected to make good his charge 
and specifications, and, after a long and patient hearing of all the 
evidence offered upon the subject, the committee, without any hesita- 
tion, decided that the charge had not been sustained. The case was 
therefore dismissed. 

In the second case, the churches of Good Hope and Pope's Chapel 
against S. Fuller, were presented at the same time and place. Fuller 
having been notified to that effect by the accusers, the charge and 
specifications from the church at Good Hope was taken up ; when it 
appeared to the satisfaction of the committee, that said Fuller could 
not sustain the purity of character so necessary to a Gospel minister ; 
consequently, Solomon Fuller was ordered to suspend his ministerial 
functions until the annual Conference, and to surrender his license 
until that time, when he could take the matter before that body, to be 
disposed of as might be thought proper. It is only necessary to add, 
that with this report we lay before you the documents upon which, in 
part, we based our action. Respectfully submitted. 

Solomon Apple, 
P. R. Hardin. 

On motion of R. D. Jones the report was received. 

On motion of Elder Anderson, the report of the Confer- 
ence Committee, ami documents, were referred to a commit- 
tee of seven, viz : Elders A. Gr. Anderson, W. H. Doherty, 
B. N. Hopkins, R. G. Tinnin, D. T. Deanes, H. B. Hayes, 
and A. S. Nelson. ; 


The Committee on Sabbath Schools made a report, which 
was read, received and adopted. 


We, your Committee on Sabbath Schools, having investigated the 
subject, and believing, as we do, that this part of our christian duty, 
if faithfully discharged, will tell upon the destinies of thousands of 
the rising generation for good, in time and in eternity, we are pained 
to learn that there have been only eleven Sabbath schools organized 
within the bounds of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Con- 
ference, since our last session. We do, therefore, recommend that 
each minister belonging to this body deliver at least one address on 
the subject, at each of his charges, during this Conference year. 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

J. W. Hatch, Chairman. 

The committee to whom was referred the letters from the 
various churches, made the following report, which was 
read, received and adopted : 


The committee to whom was referred the letters from the different 
churches would state, that the letters from the following churches, to 
wit: Midway, Christian Union, and Christian Chapel, have been 
handed over to the Committee on Licentiates ; the letter from Pleasant 
Hill, Chatham co., N. C, to the Committee on Memoirs ; and the 
letters from the following received churches, viz : Hines' Chapel, 
Union Stand, and Salem Chapel, to the Committee on Home Missions, 
for them to consider and report upon. 

A. Isblby, Chairman. 

On motion of Elder A. Gr. Anderson, the Chair appointed 
the following brethren as Conference Committee, viz. : T. 
J. Fowler, John Faucett, and P. R. Hardin. 

On motion of S. Apple, the Conference ordered the Treas- 
urer to pay the sum of $6.20 to the Conference Committee, 
for expense incurred in traveling. 

On motion of Elder Bragg, that messengers be appointed 
from this body to attend the Cape Fear Free Will Baptist 
Conference, which meets in this State some time next year. 
After some considerable discussion, in which several of the 
members freely participated, the motion was lost. 


On motion of A. G-. Anderson, Conference adjourned 
until 9 o'clock to-morrow morning. 

Doxology and prayer by Prof. Doherty. 

Friday Morning, Oct. 1, 1859. 

Conference met agreeable to adjournment. 
Roll being called, singing and prayer was offered by El- 
der A. Iseley. 

Proceedings of last meeting read and approved. 

On motion, Conference appointed delegates to the Eastern 
Virginia Conference. The following were appointed, viz. : 
John N. Manning, P. W. Allen, James W. Wellons, and 
Josiah McCulloch. 

The report of the Committee on Newbern Church was 
taken up, and on motion, it was adopted unanimously, and 
the church received into this Conference, and the delegate 
from said church requested to take a seat in Conference. 

On motion of J. H. Fleming, the resolution of last night's 
session, offered by S. Apple, to authorize the Treasurer of 
this Conference to pay $6.20 to the Conference Committee 
be reconsidered, was carried. And after some discussion, 
the motion of Elder S. Apple was lost. 

The following resolution, was offered by Elder Iseley: 
Resolved, That from this date Conference agree and pledge 

herself to pay the servants of this body for any services 

enjoined upon them by Conference. 

After some discussion, the above resolution was adopted. 
Conference adjourned to 2 o'clock, P. M. 

Friday Evening, 2 o'clock. 
Conference met according to adjournment. 
Rolls being called, Conference proceeded to business. 


J. H. Fleming offered the following resolution: 

Resolved, That the ministers of this Conference be re- 
quested to make it one of their pastoral duties to take up 
collection for the Conference fund. 

Was adopted. 

The Committee to whom was referred the letters from the 
various churches, made their report, which was read, re- 
ceived and adopted. See appendix. 

On motion of Elder Walker, that the Committee on 
Church Letters be instructed to procure the statistics of the 
churches not represented. Was adopted. 

The following preamble and resolution was offered by R. 
D. Jones, and on motion, was read and unanimously 

Whereas, certain ministers of the Methodist Protestant 
Church and others have recently, through the press and 
otherwise, slandered and misrepresented the Christians, 
South, and especially those residing in the bounds of this 
Conference, by charging them with holding and propagat- 
ing Unitarian sentiments, and their slanders and misrepre- 
sentations have been ably met and refuted by Elder W. B. 
Wellons, editor of the Christian Sun. Therefore, 

Resolved, That we fully endorse the position taken by the 
editor of the Sun in the controversy with the aforesaid min- 
isters of the M. P. Church and others, and that he has pre- 
sented the true principles of the Christians, South, as held 
and practiced in the bounds of this Conference, and in all 
the other Christian Conferences, South, with whom we are 

On motion of Prof. Doherty, 2 o'clock to-morrow was set 
apart for the reception of the report of the Committee on 
Education . 

The following resolution, presented by K. D. Jones, which 
was read and adopted : 

Resolved, That 9 o'clock be set apart for the meeting of 
the Home Missionary Society connected with this body. 


On motion of Elder Walker, a committee of three was 
appointed to devise means for the publication of the minutes 
of this Conference. 

The Chair appointed the following brethren, viz. : Gr. (x. 
Walker, H. B. Hayes and Wm. H. Read. 

The Committee on the case of Solomon Fuller, licentiate 
of this Conference, begged leave to report. Said report was 
read, received and adopted unanimously. 


To the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference, in session at 
Union Chapel, JV. C. : 

In the report of the Corbrnittee of Conference, in the case of Solo- 
mon Fuller, we, your Committee, beg leave to report : That we have 
patiently examined all of the certificates produced by the accused 
party, and also all the parole evidence that the accused party desired 
to introduce in his case ; and after the most patient hearing, and act- 
uated by the most prayerful desire to do as we would be done by, we 
are constrained (however painful it may be) to say that the evidence 
adduced in the case proves the accused guilty of a want of that strict 
veracity and truth that a Gospel minister should possess, and conse- 
quently recommend that Conference withdraw permanently from him 
his license to preach under the authority of this Conference. All of 
which is respectfully submitted. 

A. G. Anderson, Chairman. 

The following resolution, offered by Elder Hopkins, on 
motion was adopted : 

Resolved, That we have heard with great pleasure the 
brightening prospects of the Christian Church in certain 
portions of the State, and of the desire of certain denomi- 
nations to become acquainted with our principles ; we, there- 
fore, take pleasure in recommending Brothers J. W. Wel- 
lons, H. B. Hayes and Wm. N. Bragg, to open a corres- 
pondence with the Cape Fear Free Will Baptist Conference, 
and use such means as they may think best, by way of re- 
sponding to the expressed desire on the part of said church, 
of becoming acquainted with the doctrines and usages of the 
Christian Church. 

On motion of R. D. Jones, that the papers and certifi- 
cates relating to the case of Solomon Fuller (presented by 


said Fuller) be returned to him ; which, after some discus- 
sion, was carried. 

Elder Deanes, in the case of Murphy Owen and Isham 
Cagle, referred to him by the last Conference, demanding 
the license of the above-named, begs leave to make the fol- 
lowing report, which was read and adopted. 


In the discharge of the duty enjoined upon me bj your body, at its 
last session, in regard to the license of Murphy Owen and Isham Ca- 
gle, beg leave to report as follows : That I have ascertained from 
brethren who were in Conference when the above brethren were ad- 
mitted' to membership in your body, that the Secretary failed to grant 
them credentials ; consequently, they have none to surrender. All of 
which is respectfully submitted. 

D. T. Deanes. 

The Committee on Home Missions reported, and on mo- 
tion of R. D. Jones, was adopted unanimously. 


The Committee to whom was assigned the duty of examining into 
the progress, present condition and future prospects of the subject of 
Home Missions in connection with this Conference, beg leave to pre- 
sent the following report as the result of their investigation. 

The very limited time within which this examination has been ne- 
cessarily made, precludes the probability of a thorough investigation 
as to the momentous and vital importance of a missionary enterprise 
for the spread of the Gospel, and extending the Redeemer's kingdom 
to destitute sections of our beloved country. This must ever be re- 
garded as an extraordinary effort, the promptings of which are to be 
found in the sacred fountain of pure benevolence, and its utility and 
success to the overflowings of a sacrificing generosity and zeal, look- 
ing to and aiding our fellow men in the enjoyments of a cause not 
known, but his to whom we belong, and in whose service we profess 
to be laboring. So long as a body of Christians is thus actuated, the 
legitimate result must be the accomplishments of the great objects in 
view. It is peculiarly important that this Conference cherish this de- 
sign of outside labor, because of our circumscribed limits, but more 
especially from the hearty acceptance given to our brethren wherever 
they go, and in the true spirit of ambassadors bear the glad tidings of 
a full and free salvation, rendered yet the more gladdening and accept- 
able because there are no accompanying impositions of human legisla- 
tions and human power. 

The encouragement given in this department is most gratifying^ 
since the voice of invitation and the Macedonian cry is heard from 


every direction— u Come and help us " Before your Missionary goes 
forth, therefore, the prospect of occupying the held to which he has 
been guided by the invitation, and he can calculate on success without 
risk from the cheerful hearts and willing minds of those to whom he 
is sent. The success of Elder Hopkins in some of the upper counties 
has quite decided your Committee to an earnest and favorable consid- 
eration of the subject. An allowance was extended to Bro. Hopkins 
of one hundred dollars last fall, by the Directors of the Missionary 
Society, to enable him to labor in that interesting portion of our 
State, comprising the counties of Forsythe, Stokes, and portions of 
Rockingham and Guilford, and the organization of several new 
churches, and the building up of others formerly planted, with a mem- 
bership of high moral and intellectual worth, clearly shows the wis- 
dom which dictates that allowance. It is clearly shown by letters 
from those churches, that the small sum so expended has led to the 
establishment of a new self-sustaining circuit, which will be a bright 
ornament to the denomination in all coming time. 

In regard to further operations in that direction, it appears that so 
large is the territory thus opened to our principles, if efficient labor- 
ers can be procured, no time should be lost in sending them thither 
to make the people acquainted with us as a denomination, and spread- 
ing our principles as rapidly and surely as possible. But whilst our 
attention is drawn to the western part of our State as an available and 
fruitful field of missionary effort, the east in many respects presents 
claims of equal, if not superior importance. Let us see as far as we 
can, that every practicable encouragement be given to our brethren 
and the inquiring public in eastern Carolina. What can be done for 
Wilmington ? For Newbern ? and other vitally interesting points 
there? Are not these nuclei, around which might cluster scores of 
sister churches and tens of thousands of happy communicants ? And 
might not this be the fruit of an expenditure scarcely above that which 
has planted our standard on our western heights ! Your Committee 
earnestly recommend due attention to be given, without feeling at 
liberty to make a specific recommendation. 

A letter is in the hands of the Committee from Elder M. B. Barrett, of 
the E. Virginia Conference, containing a proposition to take charge of 
the church at Wilmington, for a specified sum, say $600, and it would 
give us pleasure to find the funds of the society in such a condition as 
to justify a recommendation of a compliance ; but so small is the amount 
in the Treasurer's hands, as will presently, from his report, appear, 
that we must forbear an expression of opinion in regard to it. 

From the above, the necessity of speedily increasing the funds of 
the Society will abundantly appear, and we would therefore close our 
report with the earnest wish that due prominence be given to a cause 
so effective, and the liberty of our brethren and the friends may 
place it in the power of Conference to give aid to all, and thus realize 
great good in promoting Gospel light and truth. 

Respectfully submitted, 

J. R. Holt, Chairman. 



On motion of J. W. Hatch, Conference adjourned until 
7 o'clock, P. M. 

1 o'clock, P. M. 
Conference met pursuant to adjournment. 
Rolls being called, Conference proceeded to business. 
The Committee on Finance beg leave to make the follow- 
ing report, which was read, received and adopted. 


We, your Committee on Finance, beg leave to make the following 
report. We find in the hands of the Conference Treasurer — 

From last year's report $75 49 

Interest 2 66 

Whole amount , $78 15 

Paid W. B. Wellons for printing Minutes 31 00 

$41 15 

Amount received this year 51 89 

Amount in hand $93 04 

All of which is respectfully submitted. 

A. Moring, Chairman. 

On motion of Elder J. McCulloch, that an abstract of the 
Minutes of this Conference be published in the Christian 
Sun, was adopted. 

The Chair called on the ministers for their ministerial re- 
ports. The following ministers handed in their reports, 
which were read, viz. : Elders B. N. Hopkins, W. N. 
Bragg, J. R. Holt, Thos. Gr. Craven, A. S. Nelson, Thos. 
Truitt, Wm. M. Craven, Joseph Albright, Jas. W. Wel- 
lons, William S. Jordan, A. Gr. Anderson, D. T. Deanes, 
P. W. Allen. 

See appendix. 

Licentiates— J. N. Manning, J. N. Ferrell, L. C. Mad- 

See appendix. 


A letter from the Christian churches in Tennessee was 
presented by Bro. Henry Gant, asking to withdraw from the 
North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference, for the 
purpose of organizing a Conference in Tennessee, to be 
known as the Tennessee Christian Conference. 

The following resolutions were offered by Elder B. X. 
Hopkins, and adopted unanimously. 

Resolved, That the petition of the brethren of Tennessee 
in reference to withdrawing from this Conference and form- 
ing a new Conference in their midst, be granted. Also, 

Resolved, That the petition of the church be referred to 
the Committee on Ordination. 

Resolved, Farther, that we sympathize with our brethren 
in Tennessee in their call for assistance to aid them in sus- 
taining a regular itinerant minister, and that we will make 
an effort to raise by voluntary contribution the sum of $150 
for that purpose. 

On motion, Conference adjourned until 8 o'clock to-mor- 
row morning. 

Prayer by Elder W. B. Wellons. 

Saturday Morning, 8 o'clock. 

Conference met pursuant to adjournment. Singing and 
prayer by Elder D. T. Deanes. Proceedings of last meet- 
ing read and approved. 

The Committee on the Character of the Ministers reported : 


We, your Committee on the Character and Standing of the Ministry, 
beg leave to make the following report : 

That we are happy to report, that we find all the ministers in good 
and regular standing in their respective churches. All of which is 
respeotfully submitted. R TuCB - 3 Chairman. 


On motion of Elder A. Gr. Anderson, Conference ad- 
journed to 2 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose of giving way 
to a meeting of the Home Missionary Society. 


Saturday Evening, 2 o'clock. 

Conference met agreeable to adjournment, and proceeded 
to business. 

Committee on Ordination reported, and report read and 


The Committee on Ordination report, that three brothers, viz : John 
N. Manning, P. W. Allen, and Henry Gant, licentiates of this Con- 
ference, presented satisfactory letters from the churches, were examined 
at length and approved of by the committee, and are now recom- 
mended for Ordination to this Conference. 

W. II. Doherty, Chairman. 

The Chair appointed the following elders to perform ordi- 
nation on the candidates recommended in the report of the 
Committee on Ordination, viz : Elders W. H. Doherty, 
Thos. J. Fowler, and S. Apple. Ordination to take place 
to-morrow morning at 11 o'clock. 

Committee on Education reported. Report read, re- 
ceived and adopted. 


The committee appointed at last meeting of Conference, to co- 
operate with the Trustees of Graham College, in building up and sus- 
taining that institution, report — - 

That an act of the Legislature of North Carolina has been procured, 
amending the charter of Graham Institute, bestowing upon the Trustees 
new and important privileges, together with the power of establishing 
and endowing a regular college and granting all the usual University 
degrees. That the stockholders, at their last meeting, accepted said 
charter and elected a Board of Trustees, representing the several 
Southern Christian Conferences of the Christian denomination. 

That Prof. Wm. H. Doherty was unanimously elected President of 
Graham College, and also President of the Executive Board of Trustees. 

That the condition and prospects of the institution are all that its 
best friends could desire. As a school of high grade, both in the 
English and Classical departments, it has already attained popularity, 
and is full of students and self-supporting. 

That a large additional building is under contract, which will be 
ready on the first day of January next, intended to accommodate the 
increased number of students who are desirous of entering ; and that 
your committee believe that whilst, under its present government, it 
will command the respect and patronage of the public, and do a use- 
ful work for the denomination, but your committee are fully per- 


suaded that a College worthy of the Christian Church South, cannot 
be established without an adequate endowment, because the advanced 
classes in College are notable to pay their teachers, who must be highly 
educated, and who cannot be obtained at small salaries. 

Your committee therefore report, that this great enterprize of the 
church has arrived at a point beyond which it is impossible to pro- 
ceed, until a permanent endowment fund can be raised, and adequate 
provisions made for the support of professors in all the different de- 
partments essential to complete the college. They therefore recom- 
mend the whole subject to the serious consideration of the Conference, 
and advise that immediate action be taken in co-operating with the 
Board of Trustees, and sending agents into the field to raise the neces- 
sary funds, complete the endowment, and place this, our own denom- 
inational college, on a solid and permanent foundation, and secure 
the blessings of a non-sectarian education of the highest grade to our 
sons and daughters. 

Your committee believe that if this is done, a mighty additional 
power will be given to our church, and a priceless blessing bestowed 
upon the rising generation of our people. Respectfully submitted. 

Thos. J. Fowler, 
E. F. Watson, 


The following resolution was offered by Elder A. G. An- 
derson, and, on motion of Elder McCulloch, it was received 
and laid on the table until seven o'clock to-night : 

Resolved, That the Conference rejoices in the prosperity 
with which God has blessed our institution of learning, 
Graham College. That we congratulate the President and 
Trustees on the crowded state of their school, which neces- 
sitates the erection of a large additional building, now under 
contract, to be ready on the first of January next. That 
we hear with pleasure and delight of the eminent suc- 
cess of the system of instruction therein adopted ; of the 
good conduct, strict discipline, and orderly appearance of 
the school, and the "good report" which the young ladies 
and gentlemen, who are students there, have obtained from 
all the citizens. That we believe that the Christian De- 
nomination South should feel the great responsibility of 
their situation, as the advocates of a pure and free Gospel, 
the friends of liberty and truth. And, therefore, that we 
feel now imperatively called upon to make an earnest and 
immediate endeavor to raise an endowment fund for this^ 


our own college, and thus enable the Trustees to employ a 
sufficient number of learned professors in every department 
of the college, and make it equal to any other in the land. 
We therefore promise to give our countenance and aid to 
any agents appointed to labor among our people for raising 
said endowment fund, and to do all in our power to induce 
our brethren to assist and patronize the college. 

Committee on Licentiates reported, and on motion of R. 
D. Jones the report was received and adopted. 


Your Committee on Licentiates beg leave to report, that three can- 
didates have presented themselves for license, viz : Thomas Eads, John 
S. Lawrence, and L. C. Ragiand. 

In reference to the two first, after a careful examination as to their 
gifts and ability to teach, we are of the opinion that the interest of 
the cause requires that they remain in their present position ; that 
they be regarded as candidates for the Gospel ministry ; that they be 
encouraged to improve their gifts by reading and exercising in public, 
in prayer, exhortation, &c, in which they may be useful to the 
church and the world, and also acquire for themselves the knowledge 
so necessary for an ambassador of Christ. 

In reference to the other, L. C. Ragiand, we commend him to the 
Conference as a suitable person for license. Respectfully submitted. 

Sol. Apple, Chairman. 

The Committee on Periodicals made a report, and, on 
motion of J. N. Manning, was received and unanimously 



The Committee on Periodicals beg leave to report, that they are 
deeply impressed with the importance of a good and well conducted 
religious periodical. That we look to this means to place ourselves 
properly before the public, and to keep our principles before the world 
in their true light. We are happy to state that we have in the 
Christian Sun an able exponent of the principles of the Christian 
Church, bold and outspoken upon all subjects peculiar to ourselves as 
a religious denomination, and prompt to rebuke those who misrepre- 
sent or slander us. 

We heartily approve of the course pursued by our editor, Elder W. 
B. Wellons, upon the Unitarian controversy, thinking that he has 
done good service to our cause in the exhibition of the "truth. We 
hope the day is not far .distant when our paper ean be enlarged, and 


be made a vehicle of more general intelligence, and thus be made more 
acceptable to the general reader. We would further suggest the 
propriety of adopting the cash system as nearly as possible. All of 
which is respectfully submitted. Sol. Apple, Chairman. 

Committee on Printing Minutes of this Conference re- 
ported. Keport read, received and adopted. 


Your committee to whom was referred the subject of printing the 
Minutes of the present session of Conference, beg leave to report, that 
after due consideration of this matter, we deem it impracticable to 
have a larger number of copies printed than will be paid for during 
the sitting of Conference by the churches, or their delegates. That 
we would recommend the printing aforesaid be done under the super- 
vision of the editor of the Christian Sun; and after the execution 
thereof, that he have forwarded to the address of each of the several 
churches its proportionate number of copies, according to the amount 
of money paid. Respectfully submitted. 

G. G. Walker, Chairman. 

The following resolution was presented by Elder Bragg, 
and adopted : 

Resolved, That the ministers of this Conference be re- 
quested to give their post-office address to this body, and 
that the same appear on the Minutes of the said Conference. 

The following resolution was presented by Elder John 
R. Holt, and, on motion of R. D. Jones, unanimously 
adopted : 

Resolved, That whereas a paragraph has appeared in the 
North Carolina Standard, as an extract from the Evening 
Post of New York, calculated to make a false impression 
upon the public mind in regard to the Christian Church 
South, touching the institution of slavery, in the following 
words : 

£ ' The anti-slavery party in North Carolina hold the bal- 
ance of power is made probable, if not evidently the late 
election of the opposition candidate for Governor of that 
State, Mr. Gilmer. The greatest number of the party un- 
friendly to slavery in North Carolina consist of the Quakers, 
who are rather numerous in some of the counties, the Wes- 


leyan Methodists, and that class of religionists who call 
themselves Christians, &c, &c." 

And whereas the very talented editors of the Standard 
have neglected to make a suitable explanation of the matter ; 
now, that our people may be righted against the ignorant 
and false correspondence of the Post before an intelligent 
public, this Conference therefore request the said editors to 
insert the following statement of facts : 

The Christian Church is composed of a membership of 
equal wealth and intelligence with any denomination in our 
country, and that they are proportionally connected with 
the institution of slavery. The above declaration is, there- 
fore, pronounced a foul slander and falsehood, adduced, no 
doubt, to injure us, undeservedly, before the public. 

On motion, Conference adjourned until 7 o'clock. 

Saturday Night, 7 o'clock. 

Conference met agreeable to adjournment. 

Report on Periodicals was taken up, and after some re- 
marks from the brethren, said report was unanimously 

The following preamble and resolution, presented by R. 
D. Jones, was read and adopted. 

Whereas, since the commencement of this Conference we 
have been most forcibly impressed with the propriety of 
using some plan for raising a permanent Conference fund, 
for the support of the worn out ministers, the orphans and 
widows of deceased ministers, and all other expenses of this 
body. We, the North Carolina and Virginia Conference, 
do hereby adopt the following preamble and resolution : 

Resolved, That we request every church within the bounds 
of this Conference, do all that she can by sending to Con- 
ference, annually, at least twenty-five cents on each member 
belonging to each church, for the establishment of a perma- 
nent Conference fund. 

Committee on Memoirs reported, and report adopted. 



Commenced his ministerial labors regularly in the year 1822. He 
had, however, been actively engaged several years before that in zeal- 
ous exhortation to his neighbors and those around him, say as early 
as 1815. Few men labored more successfully than Elder Utley. He 
enjoyed the entire cordiality and confidence of the public as a minister 
of Christ ; his praise was in all the churches, and for above 40 years 
of vigilant and unabating ardor in the Lord's vineyard, he was abun- 
dantly successful in winning souls to Christ, comforting his brethren, 
and doing those good works which live long after the actors have 
passed to their rewards. The subject of this memoir became debili- 
tated about a year before his death, but his mind was still employed 
in the great mission of his life ; and up to his very last hours he con- 
tinued to point sinners to that Saviour who had sustained and com- 
forted him. His loudest preaching was done upon his death-bed. 
After an illness of several months, which he passed with Christian 
resignation and fortitude, he closed his earthly experience in great 
peace. His example still lives, and calls significantly to us all to go 
and do likewise. He passed to his reward in May, 1859. 


Bro. Staley made a profession of religion in the year 1822. Soon 
after that, he invited some of the Christian ministers to preach at his 
house, in Chatham county, N. C. The labors of the ministers were 
soon blessed with the conversion of several of his neighbors, and a 
church was regularly organized at his dwelling. This led to the es- 
tablishment of a regular place of worship near him, now Pleasant 
Hill. The whole ministerial career of Elder Staley was characteristic 
of the man. He was ordained in the year 183*7, and his usefulness 
cannot be measured by 22 years of faithful service, but will continue 
to his survivors, and succeeding generations yet unborn. Long, ah ! 
long will his influence be felt in connection with benevolent institu- 
tions of his day ; and next to his fatherly and affectionate Gospel 
ministry may be, with great propriety, mentioned his prominent stand 
upon the great temperance reform. Bro. Staley not only preached 
the Gospel, but his life was an exemplification of his teaching. A 
man of peace was he, his end was peace, and he has departed to meet 
his great reward. He died in the year 1859. 

Sol. Apple, Chairman. 

Committee on Temperance reported, and on motion, was 
unanimously received and adopted. 


We, the Committee to whom was referred the subject of Temper- 
ance, beg leave to make the following report : 

Being fully aware that the use of ardent spirits as a beverage is 
one of the greatest evils with which our country is cursed, we regard 



it as one of great hindrance to the success of the Gospel, and the 
greatest of all injuries to the church of Christ, in view of which we 
offer the following resolutions : 

Resolved 1st, That we, as a body of Christians, disapprove of the 
use, manufacture and sale of ardent spirits, as a beverage, and most 
earnestly entreat our brethren every where to join in with us in dis- 
countenancing its manufacture, sale and use, as a beverage. 

Resolved 2d, That the pastors and itinerant ministers be earnestly 
requested to deliver at least one discourse at each of their appoint- 
ments on this subject, during the Conference year. 

Respectfully submitted, J. McCulloch, Chairman. 

Committee on Unfinished Business reported and adopted. 

We, your Committee on Unfinished Business, beg leave to make the 
following report : 

After having given the Minutes of last Conference as careful a read- 
ing as the circumstances under which we were placed would allow, 
we find that the Committee, of which Prof. Wm. H. Doherty was 
Chairman, to recommend a suitable course of study for young men, 
in view of their entering the Gospel ministry, have failed to make any 
such recommendation. We find nothing else, as we conceive, neces- 
sary to bring before this body. Respectfully submitted, 

A. Iseley, Chairman. 

Committee on Itinerancy made the following report, which 
on motion was adopted. 

We, your Committee on the Itinerancy, beg leave to report : 

Deep River Circuit. — D. T. Deanes to preach at the following 
churches — Shady Grove, Shiloh, N. C, Christian Union, Pleasant 
Ridge, Hank's Chapel, Brown's Chapel, Park's X Roads, Pleasant 
Grove, Acorn Ridge and New Salem. 

Stokes' Circuit. — B. N. Hopkins — Hines' Chapel, Salem Union 
Stand, Piney Ridge, Gant's Chapel, Mount Bethel, Park's Stand, 
Wollere's Chapel, Vests' and Zion Hill. 

Cape Fear Circuit. — James W. Wellons — Wake Chapel, Pleasant 
Spring, Christian Chapel, Bell's and Zion. 

Dan River Circuit.' — J. N. Manning — Union, Va., Mt. Auburn, 
Pleasant Grove, Va., and Midway. 

Moore and Randolph Circuit. — J. N. Ferrell — Antioch, Shallow 
Well, Moore Union and Bethel. 

Alamance Circuit. — A. Iseley — Union, N. C, New Providence and 
Pleasant Hill, Chatham. 

Caswell Circuit. — A. G. Anderson — Concord, Bealer and Mount 


Tar River Circuit. — P. W. Allen — Pope's Chapel, Good Hope, Oak 
Level, Fuller's and Liberty Hill. 
Raleigh Station. — Wm. N. Bragg. 
Newrern Circuit. — H. B. Hayes. 

Staunton River Circuit. — L. C. Ragland and Alfred Apple — Reese's 
Chapel, Shiloh, Va., Sharon and Liberty Grove. 

The a,bove report is not as perfect as your Committee would wish 
it to be, but is the best we could devise. Respectfully submitted, 

A. Moring, Chairman. 

The following resolution was offered by bro. John N. 
Manning; after some discussion, was adopted. 

Resolved, That a special Committee of three be appointed 
to co-operate with the Newbern church and the Executive 
Committee of the Home Missionary Society, to devise means 
to supply the Newbern church with preaching. 

The Chair appointed the following brothers, in accordance 
with the above resolution, viz. : Prof. Wm. H. Doherty, 
Elder S. Apple, and bro. Baker Gragson. 

The following resolution, presented by A. E. Ayscu, 
and adopted unanimously. 

Resolved, That the thanks of this Conference be tendered 
to the President and Directors of the Raleigh & Gaston 
Railroad, and the N. Carolina Central Railroad, for their 
kindness and liberality in permitting the members of this 
Conference to pass over their roads for fare one way. 

On motion of J. N. Manning, that the thanks of this 
Conference be tendered to the friends of this encampment 
and surrounding vicinity, for their kindness and hospitality 
of entertaining the delegates of this Conference. 

On motion of Elder McCulloch, bro. J. N. Manning was 
appointed messenger to the Georgia and Alabama Confer- 

On motion of R. D. Jones, Dr. E. F. Watson was re- 
elected Standing Secretary of this Conference. 

On motion, Prof. Wm. H. Doherty was added to the list 
of messengers to the Eastern Virginia Conference. 


On motion of Elder Holt, that the thanks of this Confer- 
ence be tendered to the officers of the same, for the faithful 
and efficient manner in which they have discharged their 
several duties. 

The following is a report of the Chairman on Finance of 
those who contributed for publishing of the Minutes and the 
Conference fund, viz.: Bethlehem, $1.50; Midway, 60 
cents; Mount Auburn, $7.20; Apple's Chapel, $1.45; 
Brown's Chapel, 30 cents; Christian Chapel, 75 cents; Ra- 
leigh, $2.25; Shallow Well, $1; Oak Level, $1.25; Pope's 
Chapel, $8.32; O'Kelley's Chapel, $2.10 ; Pleasant Hill, 
$2 ; Pleasant Grove, Va., $6; Union, Va., $2; Hank's 
Chapel, $3 ; Damascus, $3.85 ; Lebanon, $1 ; Bell's $1. 

On motion, Conference then adjourned to meet at Pleas- 
ant Hill, Chatham county, N. C, on Wednesday before the 
second Sabbath in October, 1860. 

Singing and prayer by Elder John R. Holt. 

E. F. Watson, President. 
J. N. Manning, Vice Pres't. 

P. W. Allen, Secretary. 

R. D. Jones, AssH Secretary. 


The following are the Reports of the Ministers : 


Preached 162 sermons; 11 funerals; baptized 12; received into 
the church 13 ; organized five new churches and one Sabbath school ; 
received $163.85. 


Preached to four churches ; received 40 members into the church ; 
attended five protracted and camp-meetings ; received $305. 


Engaged closely to teaching until June; after that attended five 
protracted meetings ; preached 40 times; baptized 16. 


Had not the charge of any church ; preached at several places ; as- 
sisted in administering the sacrament several times ; also, assisted in 
holding three camp-meetings and four protracted meetings. 


Preached 11 times; several exhortations; traveled 216 miles; re- 
ceived $1.85. 


Preached to three churches; preached 60 sermons ; held 11 quarter- 
ly meetings ; received four members ; baptized four ; married two 


Had the personal charge of one church ; held four quarterly meet- 
ings ; preached 43 sermons; received $20.25; baptized three; re- 
ceived two members. 


Preached 50 sermons; received six members; received $58. 

Preached to one church 35 sermons. 


Preached to one church regularly ; attended some protracted meet- 


Preached 145 times; 1o converted on the circuit; received 63;- 
baptized 38 ; funerals, 11 ; married one couple ; traveled 2,285 miles ; 
temperance lectures, 1 ; received $363. 


Traveled 3,314 miles; preached 134 sermons; 13 funerals; bap- 
tized 45 ; married one couple ; 61 converted; received 60 members; 
received $253.25. 


Sermons preached, 115; temperance lectures, seven; organized six 
Sabbath schools ; traveled 1,288 miles; received $113.50. 


Preached regular to four churches ; held several protracted meet- 
ings ; received 60 members. 


Traveled 2,890 miles ; preached 95 sermons ; visited sick, 31; got 
10 new subscribers for the Christian Sun. 


Preached to two churches regular, and two churches a portion of 
the time; 44 converted; received 29 members. 



B. N. Hopkins, Walnut Cove, Stokes Co., N. C. 
Thomas Truitt, Company Shops, Alamance Co., N. C. 
Wm. M. Craven, Brower's Mills, Randolph Co., N. C. 
Lovick Lambeth, Summerfield, Guilford Co., N. C. 
A. G.Anderson, Anderson's Store, Caswell Co., N. C. 
D. T. Deanes, Buffalo Ford, Randolph Co., N. C. 
Thomas G. Craven, Moffitt's Mills, Randolph Co., N. C. 
Anderson Craven, Foust's Store, Randolph Co., N. C. 
Joseph Albright, Foust's Store, Randolph Co., N. C. 
A. S. Nelson, Gold Region, Moore Co., N. C. 
Wm. S. Jordon, Gold Region, Moore Co., N. C. 
Wm. N. Bragg. Raleigh, Wake Co., N. C. 
J. McCulloch, Mud Lick, Chatham Co., N. C. 
James W. Wellons, Pittsboro', Chatham Co., N. C. 
Thomas J. Fowler, Mebaneville, Orange Co., N. C. 
H. B. Hayes, Raleigh, Wake Co , N. C. 
Prop. W. H. Doherty, Graham, Alamance Co., N. C. 
J. N. Manning, Hyco, Halifax Co., Va. 
John R. Holt, Grove, Chatham Co., N. C. 
Solomon Apple, Graham, Alamance Co., N. C. 
G. G. Walker, Anderson's Store, Caswell Co., N. C. 
Jas. I. Hobby, Barclaysville, Cumberland Co., N. C. 
Chastien Allen, Asylum, Granville Co., N. C. 
Robert G. Tinnin, Cedar Grove, Orange Co., N. C. 
Alfred Iseley, Shallow Ford, Alamance Co., N. C. • 
Anthony Franks, Raleigh, Wake Co., N. C. 
William Rollins, Rollins' Store, Moore Co., N. C. 
Thomas E. Jeter, Whitlock, Halifax Co., Ya. 
Job S. Swift, not known. 
Joseph B. Hinton, Raleigh, Wake Co., N. C. 
Alfred Apple, Blue Wing, Granville Co., N. G. 
P. W.Allen, Asylum, Granville Co., N. C. 

licentiate s . 

L. C. Madison, Pleasant ville, Rockingham Co., Ya. 

J. N. Ferrell, Haywood, Chatham Co., N. C. 

Abner Apple, not known. 

A. J. Rich, not known. 

D. C. Ragland, Hyco, Halifax Co., Ya. 


Report of the Committee on Church Letters : 

Damascus — in a prosperous condition ; Midway — prosperous condi- 
tion ; Bethel — doing well ; Wake C hapel — a good revival ; Antioch — 
prospects brightening ; Mt. Bethel — encouraging prospects ; Ml. Au- 
burn — nattering prospects ; Pleasant Hill, Chatham Co.— firm ; Chris- 
tian Chapel — quite prosperous ; Raleigh — prospects very encourag- 
ing ; Zion — new house recently dedicated, prospects good; Shallow 
Well — doing well ; Oak Level — good revival ; Lebanon — in harmony ; 
Bethlehem — firm; Christian Union — in Christian fellowship; Pope's 
Chapel — firm; Pleasant Grove, Randolph Co. — prosperous; Park's 
X Roads — in harmony; Reed's Chapel — prosperous; Pleasant Grove 
— in good standing ; Hank's Chapel — stands firm; Shiloh — in peace 
and fellowship ; Good Hope — good feeling existing; Shady Grove — 
in peace and harmony; Brown's Chapel — good fellowship and broth- 
erly love ; Acorn Ridge — well united ; Shallow Ford — steadfast ; Ful- 
ler's — in harmony, destitute of preaching most ot the time; Union, 
Va. — a glorious revival, the church much refreshed ; Pleasant Ridge — 
steadfast; Pleasant Spring— firm ; O'Kelley's — times dull, church 
steadfast; Utley's — future prospects good, and a new house of wor- 
ship about to be erected ; New Providence — good revival, flattering 
prospects ; Union, Alamance — firm ; Hines' Chapel — prospects good ; 
Union Stand — prospects very encouraging ; Salem Chapel — prospects 




W. B. WELLONS, Editor. 

The Sun is the acknowledged organ of the Christian 
Church, South. It is published by the direction and under 
the patronage of the Southern Christian Convention. In 
addition to its denominational matter, it contains choice 
selections on Agriculture, Temperance and other Moral 
subjects. It gives a sketch of the News, General and 
Local, and a report of the Markets, so as to make it an 
acceptable Family Newspaper. ' 

As a religious paper it takes high ground, and will not 
descend to party feeling and sectarian, bigotry. Open and 
independent in advocating the peculiar sentiments of the 
Christians, but liberal and charitable toward christians of 
all other denominations; treating all God's children, of 
every name and order, as brethren and fellow laborers in 
the great work of saving souls. 

The 16th volume commenced on the 15th of April, 1859. 

TERMS— $1.50 per Annum, in advance. 

All Christian Ministers, Post Masters, and others, feeling an interest 
in the spread of liberal Christian principles, are our Agents.